By addressing our bad postural habits WorkingPosture can reverse the damage already done and can prevent getting into trouble in the first place.

What is WorkingPosture?

If WorkingPosture could help you work without pain and discomfort how could that change your life?

Learn to move more like a gazelle than a rusty robot

These days Medical professionals are very able take care of any pathology in your body. But what happens when the pain/discomfort from work keeps coming back or maybe you are told there is no pathology.

A different strategy is required—this is where WorkingPosture created something revolutionary and has been changing the fate of Dental and office personnel for over 25 years.

WorkingPosture uses the powerful modality of neuroplastic learning to reorganise the way your nervous system controls your movements. It irons out the kinks and tension and helps you learn a new and graceful way to move and function. You can end up moving with more grace, more flexibility and less pain, even if the existing pain is longstanding.

Its great for both prevention and rehab

Try two of our short free downloadable lessons to see how easy it can be

Who can WorkingPosture help?

All people who sit to work all day especially with lots of stress.

All members of the dental team, dentists, nurses, techicians, admin staff.

All members of regular office especially good for those who sit in front of a computer all day or CEOs sitting in meetings all day.

Sports people who want to perform better, using pelvis well, using correct sequence of muscles for performance, using whole body spiral rotation, using good core organisation (not by contracting core but aligning core) to run faster, swing your golf club better, jump higher and avoid sport injuries from incorrect use of body organisation. Improve sensory awareness of your body to understand how you can do better and to protect from injury.

Anyone who has chronic niggles, pain or discomfort that has not been amenable to other forms of healing. Especially after serious accidents and after your rehab period is completed.

When you have an injury your muscles brace around the injury to stop further damage but these restrictions remain in your NEUROMUSCULAR BODY IMAGE unless you learn how to unravel it.
WorkingPosture is accessed in 2 modes
Classes or personal sessions depending on what suits best