Dr Penelope Jones

Dr Penelope Jones practiced as an Endodontist in Sydney for over 25 years. After a decade in General Practice in Sydney & London
Her dental experience taught her personally what trials and difficulties Dentists and their staff can suffer.

In 1991 after 4 years of training at Melbourne’s La Trobe University she become a Feldenkrais Teacher and Practitioner. Based in Neuroplasticity and human development and movement the method underpins WorkingPosture and is a powerful tool to change our poor work habits that create pain and tension as we work.

Dr Jones created her WorkingPosture work 30 years ago and has been helping Dental personnel and office workers to recover from pain and stress created at work.

She has taught in dental schools in Australia, Dubai and UK. And has been giving courses with the Australian Dental Association and In private practices and Offices. Her work helps ANYONE who has to sit to work all day either in front of a patient or a computer.

Dr Jones has also had many years of teaching in both the Medical and Dental faculties of Sydney University.
Her courses are powerful and very enjoyable as they deal with a very different way to see workplace problems. A way that brings elegant and easy solutions