Easing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is completely different neurologically to acute pain and needs to be treated differently. Often there is no pathology despite the pain being intense. It also affects more than just your physical aspect and people can lose hope and confidence in their body

Because WorkingPosture is firmly based in the ability to work with neuroplasticity it goes to the heart of the problem. Because we know that chronic pain is often created by your body trying to protect you from moving too much (see video below) we use minimal movements to help find and then expand your movements and help the guarding muscles to feel safe to let go. This builds confidence in your body and can bring you back to life again. 

Having worked in an endodontic practice for over 25 years where everyone who comes in ha pain , and having been involved in a very serious car accident 20 years ago Dr Jones has knowledge inside and out about how it feels to be in chronic pain. It also drove her to extensive research to the science of PAIN. There were many answers within and beyond orthodox medicine to help her and her patients and clients

Because  pain problems came from sources beyond the injured part of the body it is VITAL to look at the whole person not just where the pain is.

Having trained as a Feldenkrais practitioner etc Dr Jones was able to see the bigger picture ( Its essential to include a patient’s emotions as well) and she treats the whole person always. She co-ordinates treatment with other Doctors and practitioners to resolve difficulty for a lot of people. Some of her patients were referred by other practitioners and by oral surgeons who could not find regular answers within their field.


Its a long but very rewarding process and feels miraculous to give people back their lives.

Dr Jones uses a combination of hands on personal lessons and awareness Through Movement lessons (online every thursday) to keep costs down

Please see the little video below by Prof Lorimer Moseley whose understanding of how chronic pain develops and plays out is in agreement with WorkingPosture. 

It may help you to understand why WorkingPostures approach is very different to other modalities

Individual Sessions

What happens in a session??

Firstly Dr Jones will ensure that the patient has been fully tested by medical people, she is not usually the first port of call.

Then the patient will be interviewed and a very extensive history is recorded

Then Dr Jones will watch the patient doing things such as walking, sitting and will find out where good movement is restricted.

Then the patient will be put on a table fully clothed  (a table that is lower and wider than a massage table. Dr Jones will start exploring how the patients body can move, where its limited and she will start to encourage very slow gentle movements in different parts of their body. Any movement that hurts is stopped and there begins the process of finding very small gentle movements that dont hurt. In the process both Dr Jones and the patient discover where muscles are guarding and where they can safely relax.

Gradually over time these movements can get bigger without hurting. Dr Jones will take the patient through movements of human development teaching the patient how to easily roll from their from to their back, how to turn their head without pain and how to use their pelvic to direct all trunk movements. Often people with chronic pain are permanently stuck in a pattern of trunk flexion (a reflex guarding movement) SO they are encouraged to use better trunk movements, are taught again how to use their core .

So gradually ease and flexibility can return.

During the pandemic I will not be doing personal hands on sessions but would be available to create an online individual awareness through Movement lesson to specifically address your particular issue . 
I have been doing Zoom classes and sessions for some months now and they can be very powerful and effective