The Feldenkrais Method helps to improve Human Functioning on all levels using the neuroplastic capacity of the nervous system to change. We treat in private hands on sessions called Functional Integration and in group classes called Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Lessons .   By slowing down your movements with awareness we help you feel where you have tight muscles, then we take you into new and better movement  patterns to allow the tightnesss to let go. Feeling these with awareness is the key to change.  You become more flexible and graceful in your everyday movements.

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes every Thursday with a different topic.
Lessons are more extensive than WorkingPosture and cover wider array of issues
Click on “ What is Feldenkrais/Workinposture” on home page
One lesson a week will be given at 3 different time slots—middle time slot will be a gentler version for more aged or disabled people.

Sydney time 7am, 11am 6pm
London Time 8pm, (Wednesday) 7am (thurs)
Can be accessed on zoom anywhere in the world—see calender to know what weeks topic will be .
Cost is AUD $20 each class

Personal Feldenkrais Session

Why come for a personal session?

  • If you have problems such as ongoing pain or stress while working – Dr Jones can identify where the problem arises and help you to find a way through to better functioning.
  • If you have suffered work related injuries or injuries that have stopped you from working
  • You have had a sports injury that has been treated but still has discomfort or pain or restricted movement. WE can help you back to better functional movement.
  • You want to go through the working posture workshop personally with Dr Jones this gives more personal attention and can be done as an adjunct to having attended the larger workshops. Each person has a unique way to hold in their body and although much can be picked up in workshops it becomes clearer earlier in a personal session to identify subtle bad habits.

During the pandemic I will not be doing personal sessions but would be available to create an online awareness through Movement lesson to specifically address your particular issue . We can go beyond the scope of WorkingPosture issues
I have been doing Zoom classes and sessions for some months now and they work just as well as in real life.