28th september,    Workshop “Put a Spring in your Step”.     10.00-12.00. Balance by Design Studio,


                                                                                                                                 6/2 Bowral road MITTAGONG.




14th September  Sitting Workshop   9.30-11.30  Gosfrod Golf Club (Links Room)  GOSFORD




4th April 2020   Full Day WORKINGPOSTURE-presented by Australian Dental Association see ADA CPD for details + booking




To Book please contact Dr Jones on












SITTING WORKSHOP—-Program: Learn how to use pelvis for reaching, turning (using spiral movements) to avoid neck & back problems, how to sit well on a saddle chair,  how to align yourposture for loupes/ microscopes & avoid shoulder,elbow & wrist problems. (2 CPD points given)




Put a Spring in Your Step—Help to loosen up your hip joints that get locked up from sitting too much—Flexible hips can give you a spring in your step