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1.      2 Hour sitting workshop

Basic introduction to workingposture.  Workshop involves short intro to workingposture,   2 Awareness through Movement lessons.

How to create a natural balanced flexible spine using pelvis as base, how to turn using spiral movement to take load of neck and back and align spine well

How to get up from chair without effort (specially good if you have bad knees or other joints)


2.Silver Package — Half day 3.5>4 hours

This workshop starts with a full lecture to explain the anatomy of WorkingPosture

It has 3 Awareness Through Movement lessons to learn balanced sitting by undoing old bad habits and helping to prevent injury.

            Some 1st Aid to alleviate pain/discomfort at work

This workshop is a good beginning Although it is more suitable as a preventive program for those who don’t yet have problems with pain or discomfort or stiffness and stress, it does reduce some pain that comes from sitting all day


3..Gold Package — Full day

 Includes all of Silver package, and then deepens the learning.

It includes more Awareness Through Movement lessons  targeting different areas of difficulty for Dental personnel–      (for both working in surgery and at a computer.)

  • A short PPT lecture about anatomy of functional rather than static posture.
  • 5 Awareness Through Movement lessons
  • learning how to use your core effectively-
  • Learning how to use pelvis as base for all movement.
  • Learning to use more efficient spiral movement for turning with more ease
  • Learning to use trunk for greater strength AND flexibility.
  • how to have relaxed shoulders, arms wrists
  • Some 1st Aidfor pain/discomfort at work
  • Learning WorkingPosture Daily program to limber up for work and prevent injuries
  • Then bringing it all back into the surgery or office to apply learning.
  • Plus, a one-month follow-up where Dr Jones will spend up to 30 minutes with you answering Qs, reviewing progress, assessing if further work would be beneficial–by zoomed Skype if out of sydney
  • Booklet on WP anatomy plus Daily Program illustrations
  • 2 Audio lessons on memory stick. (i) Talking you through Daily Program and           (ii)a short compilation of all lessons done in workshop which will bring back    memory of everything learned during workshop and more.                                                                                      

            This workshop is very suitable for everyone and especially for anyone who has ongoing symptoms even mild ones.  It is very appropriate and excellent help for those who are  returning to work after injury.


  1. Ongoing learning

            Bad habits learned over a lifetime don’t go away overnight and some people can benefit  by ongoing WP learning. There are several ways to do this.

  • Ongoing ATM (Awareness Through Movement) Lessons. Small classes in house or in Crows Nest with other people. (classes 6 only)
  • Individual Sessions where Dr Jones helps you identify your personal holding patterns and helps find better ways to move–using knowledge of neuroplasticity


       5.Workplace assessment.

Dr Jones can come and observe you working (this can be done with or   without patient being involved).  She will identify where you limit good movement in your body and then create a unique audio lesson for you on CD or MP3 (memory stick) to address this and you can do the lesson as many times as you like at home