In WorkingPosture workshops and classes we teach Awareness Through Movement lessons. These are lessons done mostly on the floor or in a chair to slow down your movements and take away the pull of gravity so you can begin to identify and experience directly the specific muscles that you unconsciously and chronically contract. These are the ones that end up creating tension, pain and discomfort and interfere with smooth movements (such as a nice golf swing or being able to sit at work all day). Then we then take you through easy movement patterns and help you to find better more flexible co=ordinated and comfortable ways to move, to sit, to work or play sport etc. 

Workshops vary according to the needs of your group see options below or ask Dr Jones to design a workshop specifically for your group

Workshops can include  a Daily Program for ongoing support, to limber up and unlock tight muscles before work for prevention of injuries plus a selection of manoeuvres to be used if emergencies arise on the job or during sporting activity.

WorkingPosture is based on principles of physics, biomechanics, neuroplasticity and an empirical understanding of learning and human development. By expanding the self-image through movement sequences this enables you to include more of yourself in your functioning movements. WorkingPosture is a form of somatic education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement.



Workshops are available as scheduled events (see WorkingPosture on facebook or Instagram for scheduled events.)

Or you can arrange an in-house workshop tailored to your workplace or school.



Workshop #1

3.5 hours — for everyone who sits to work whether symptomatic or not. This workshop is an introduction to Workingposture and is full of lessons to align good posture, undo old bad habits and help to prevent injury.

Workshop #2

3.5 hours — After workshop 1 for those who have symptoms or those who are returning to work after they have completed physio, surgery etc. It provides more therapeutic lessons to deal with pain and provides a daily program to prevent relapse and build up muscle strength and co-ordination. Those who are diligent with daily program can reduce their pain over time and come back to much improved function.

Workshop #3

ongoing weekly lessons in local venues or download lessons from Dr Jones website who will be providing sequences of further lessons at small cost. These will help to consolidate and integrate the lessons from workshops 1 and 2

Workshop #4

3.5 hours — WorkingPosture for Chairs. Bring your own working chair to this workshop to learn how to maximise function during your working day. It is preferable to have done at least workshop 1 but can be a first intro to WorkingPosture

Workshop #5

2-3 hours For Golfers—learn to improve your golf swing by improving your spiral movement and use of pelvis as support for all movement. Identify the source of YIPS and begin to disable them



The Course will provide

  1. Theoretical Framework
  2. Retraining of the body for better posture
  3. Prevention strategies to avoid injury.
  4. Ongoing program of maintenance.


To be negotiated with Dr Jones.  Dr Jones can send you options when she knows the size and requirements of your group.

Please see contact page to ask for a prospectus with costs after you state what you require

Soon WorkingPosture workshops/classes will be available anywhere in the world via ZOOM—see FB or Instagram for announcement