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Meet Dr Jones

Dr Jones has been involved in both orthodox and complimentary healing for well over 50 years. She has skills that embrace everything from the latest in scientific research partnered with the deeper more subtle personal aspects of healing. 

Dr Jones can provide sessions in exclusively only one of her modalities or she can work with all modalities she is trained in.

Dr Jones is avaliable for covid safe online sessions and some restricted personal sessions.


What is Working Posture?

What is Working Posture?

WorkingPosture uses the powerful modality of neuroplastic learning to reorganise the way your nervous system controls your movements.

Based in the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais plus the experience of working as a Dental Surgeon for over 30 years

It can iron out tension and Pain  You can learn a new and graceful way to move with more flexibility and less pain.

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Our Services

Online Workshops

WorkingPosture  Workshops

Prevent and heal from  damage of Sitting at Work

 Workshops tailored to Institutions, work places and schools anywhere in the world.

Personal Sessions

Address your workplace injuries or problems 
1 on 1 with Dr Jones
Either in a COVID SAFE environment or
Live Zoom Video Sessions.

Tailored to your personal needs.


Weekly Classes

Weekly Zoom Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais classes

LIVE to your HOME 

 3 time slots for same lesson 

every thursday. 

See below for topic of the week or month. 


Personal Classes

 Using neuroplasticity to improve your everyday living , physically, emotionally & your spirit

Resolve old injuries, improve enjoyment of life

Replace your old patterns of muscular tension with   flexibility and ease.


Chronic Pain

For 30 years of Feldenkrais work  I’ve used neuroplasticity to ease chronic pain Let me help return mobility, comfort and confidence in your body. 

As a Dentist I can help ease chronic pain of the head, neck, jaw area.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Online Workshop

Session:   45 min Feldenkrais class

Topic:       How to Breath more fully

-Date:        4 February

Time:       7 am, 11am, 6 pm sydney time

                 8 pm, —–, 7am London time 


Upcoming Online Workshop

Session:  45 min Feldenkrais class

Topic:      Creating a soft flexible back 1

Date:        11 February

Time:       7 am, 11 am, 6pm  Sydney time 

                 8 pm, —-, 7 am London time


Upcoming Online Workshop

Session:  2 hour workshop

Topic:      Relief 4 jaw face + neck Pain

Date:         20 February

Time:         7 -9 am sydney

                    8-10 pm London