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What is Working Posture?

WorkingPosture uses the powerful modality of neuroplastic learning to reorganize the way your nervous system controls your movements as well as your emotions and thinking.

Based on the teaching of Moshe Feldenkrais plus Dr Jones’s experience of working in surgery as a Dental Surgeon for over 30 years

WorkingPosture helps to change all those bad habits that cause you pain by using the amazing capacity of the nervous system to change.
We use easy movement lessons with awareness to undo those old patterns of muscular tension that have created pain and discomfort over the years.  We can not only help you recover from old problems but can help prevent them in the future

We encourage better ways to move based on how healthy neural development occurs. You become more co-ordinated and flexible with movements that are easier and more flexible .
Learn how to use your pelvis to help align your spine throughout the day to allow your skeleton to take the force of gravity and work rather than your muscles. Muscles are meant to move not stay fixed in one position all day.  With WorkingPosture lessons they can become more relaxed and effortless to do your daily work

Our Services Include

Learn to move more like a gazelle than a rusty robot